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The part of boyhood that really made me nervous was the scene in the dark light room. Mason’s photo teacher is grilling him that there are many talented young people out there but talent alone isn’t worth much if you don’t put the work in. Mason basically shrugs his shoulders and says “but, I am working hard”. As a graphic designer, with no fine arts skills prior to college, I am going against some unbelievable designers in my classes. Could my work ethic be a little more extensive? Certainly, but everyone’s could. I am trying really hard, trying to spark creativity out of nowhere. No matter how hard I push myself there will always be better competition. Mason’s character goes through life questioning the common reasoning for people just accepting to be robots. It takes time to develop a real, measurable personal connection to your passion that you can lead into a career. People think they know what’s best for you, and their knowledge helps guide you down the right path, but it’s ultimately you who is making the decisions. Especially for a young artist, I can level with Mason, because sometimes finding inspiration and creativity with what you love is more important than turning in some rigid assignment that a teacher demands. That certainly won’t sit well for a GPA, but in the long run you will excel in what you love. And in the end, Mason received a scholarship for his great photography. I look at his life, and I feel hope for mine. Just because you don’t get straight A’s doesn’t mean you’re not smart.

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"PARTYNEXTDOOR = Next Big Thing"


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